Heartless are purveyors of gothic & punk clothing, staying true to their aesthetic and refusing to change for anyone – they’re what alternative fashion is all about! Long time friends of Attitude Clothing, Heartless have brought out some seriously badass new pieces for the winter months. You know what colder months mean, right? Darkness is drawing nearer – and we can’t wait for that wintery dark! Check out these must have additions to your extreme wardrobe, don’t say we didn’t warn you they’re totally killer…

Cut out leggings have been a huge must have over the last few seasons, and these “Sinistre” leggings have a mesh panel cut out which means you can wear them all year round without suffering the cold! The spiked studs add a punk rock flavour to basic black leggings. Layer it with a long top to hide the suspender cut outs or tuck your fave band tee in for some heavy metal cool.


Occult print? YES PLEASE. The “Kaamos” hoody is adorned with upside down crosses, snakes, pentagrams and more devilish delights, with a black knit overlay. The hood and its oversized nature make it perfect for winter, because who said knitwear has to be boring green jumpers from grandma?! Channel the dark with this occult heavy must have.


We are HUGE fans of this gothic “Deception” bolero, the long sleeve lace arms would make it a perfect addition over a dress to glam up a standard evening look. The comfy knit and its hood make it a great piece for your dark and gloomy winter wardrobe. Heartless truly are the gurus of mixing goth & punk into a badass fashion potion!





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