Alchemy are the gurus of goth jewels, established in 1977 they’re a globally recognised force to be reckoned with. With history, experience & craftsmanship that’s to be rivalled by even the most established jeweller, you know that anything you’re purchasing from Alchemy is sure to be legit.


We’re loving their new mens range, featuring a badass silver “Duster Face” skull ring & the “UL13 Knuckles” ring – Alchemy are most definitely bringing the punk rock perfection for skins & punks alike with this new collection. So don your fingers with some heavy duty punk rock silver that even Sid Vicious would be jealous of.

For those drawn to the darker side, their “Unlucky For Some” ring is the perfect finishing touch to any goth ensemble. But of course the number 13 isn’t all about darkness, in tattooing 13 is in fact a lucky number, so for any of you tattoo loving fellas out there an old school tattoo skull with a big 13 on it’s head is a must have for the collection & bound to bring you some well deserved luck!  Speaking of tattoos, also make sure to check out the “Tattoo gun chain link bracelet” for something a little different.


Ladies, check out the super cute “Heart Ring”, a perfect
“best friends” inspired ring, but with a heart-ring-p10825-4509_imageblack and red heart intertwined, we feel it’s more fitting for the kind of besties who would party at a Iron Maiden show together as opposed to braiding each others hair



Make sure you also grab the awesome “Anchors Away Ear Stud”, we think it’s safe to say this is NOT something we, or anyone you know, has seen before! An ear cuff combined  with an anchor stretcher. Talk about standing out from the crowd…there’s an anchor through your ear!



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